Thursday, January 5, 2017

I have some exciting news to share!

I have a new book coming out ~


Here is the blurb for the book:

One year after Elizabeth Bennet refuses Fitzwilliam Darcy’s offer of marriage, they unexpectedly encounter each other inside a London bookstore. Neither is certain how the other feels, but after a few awkward moments and simple conversation, each realizes something in the other has changed. There are expressions of regret and apologies offered to one another for the things that were said and done that day one year ago. Mr. Darcy extends an invitation to Elizabeth to join him his London townhome the following day, along with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. Both leave the store filled with a sense of renewed hope, anticipation, and excitement. But when Miss Bennet does not show up at his home at the expected hour with no note of explanation, Mr. Darcy begins to doubt all he believed about her character, as well as what actually transpired at the bookstore that day. This novella explores how Darcy and Elizabeth must both discover the truth of what happened that day and what obstacles they must overcome to finally get their happily ever after.

Currently, the Kindle is currently available for pre-order, 
to be released October 27. 
The paperback will be released on or around that date.
The link to Amazon is below:

Other Venues will follow.

I will be having a special post about it at Austen Variations on October 23, 
including Chapter 1, a special announcement about it, and a giveaway.

Hope you will watch for it!

Kara Louise

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