Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thanks for stopping by my website!

I am the author of 10 Jane Austen inspired novels,
(see amazon links at right)
including my most recent,
"A Peculiar Engagement."
This is the book that was written by Anne de Bourgh
In my novel, "Mr. Darcy's Rival."
You can find it here on amazon on kindle and in paperback.
It will be available at other online sellers soon!

About Me
In addition to writing those 10 novels,
I am also one of the bloggers at Jane Austen Variations
(you will also see a link for that in the right column).
I began writing in 2001 and have continued to do so.
I enjoy feedback and hearing from my readers.

I live with my husband in St. Louis with a dog and several cats.
We also live near our son and his wife and our 2 granddaughters,
who I enjoy watching more than anything!
(Yes, even more than writing!)

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Kara Louise