Thursday, January 5, 2017

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I am the author of 11 Jane Austen inspired novels,
(see amazon links at right)
including my most recent,
Chance and Circumstance,
which is now available on amazon.

Here is the blurb for my new book:
Chance brings about an early encounter between Charles Bingley and Elizabeth Bennet soon after his move into Netherfield. He soon begins to favour this pretty and lively young lady. Circumstances have kept Jane Bennet and Mr. Darcy from the neighbourhood, thereby changing the events that Jane Austen penned in "Pride and Prejudice."

When Mr. Darcy finally arrives, will he be able to keep from interfering when he meets this young lady his friend so greatly admires? When Jane returns from touring the Lake District with her aunt and uncle, will the young gentleman who returns with her prove to be better suited for her than Mr. Bingley ever was?

In this "Pride and Prejudice" variation, chance and circumstance greatly affect the way several of Jane Austen's characters arrive at their happily ever after, but not necessarily in the way you think.

It will be coming out in other formats, but here are the amazon links:


I have been posting the chapters at Austen Variations if you would like to read up to about half of the book. The first chapter is here. I also have my book launch there
(with Chapter 13!) and some giveaways here!

I also am going to be visiting blogs in November celebrating the release, and there will be giveaways associated with these, as well. Here they are:

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About Me
In addition to writing those 10 novels,
I am also one of the bloggers at Jane Austen Variations
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I began writing in 2001 and have continued to do so.
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I live with my husband in St. Louis with a couple dogs and several cats.
We also live near our son and his wife and our 2 granddaughters,
who I enjoy watching more than anything!
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