Delightful Diversions from the Heart

Why Delightful Diversions from the Heart? 

That is my tagline.

Kara Louise ~ writing delightful diversions from the heart.

For those of you who have read "Darcy's Voyage," you know that 'delightful diversion' is something Mr. Darcy says to Elizabeth when they first meet in a carriage ride. His carriage broke down, and he was not very happy about having to take a carriage for hire.

Darcy begins the journey in a foul mood, but soon is entranced by the young lady sharing the carriage with him. At one point, he refers to her habit of climbing trees as a 'delightful diversion.' When they meet again two years later on a ship, neither recognizes the other. But Elizabeth finally remembers him when he utters those same words.

When I needed to choose a tagline to express my writing I felt inclined to somehow use those two little words in it. I toyed with all kinds of phrases, but finally chose 
"Writing delightful diversions from the heart."

When you think of the word 'diversion,' it has a few different meanings. Here is one of them:
The act of an instance of diverting or turning aside; deviation.

In my stories, I make a turn from the main story that Jane Austen wrote and set the course in a different direction! I deviate from the direction she took! How do I do that? A few of my stories make their diversion from the classic novel after Elizabeth and Darcy meet in Kent ("Assumed Engagement," "Only Mr. Darcy Will Do," "Pirates and Prejudice," and "Mr. Darcy's Rival"). You will find a lot of novels begin here. It is always fun to throw Lizzy and Darcy together and watch them work out their misconceptions about one another and themselves!

"Darcy's Voyage diverts right from the beginning of the novel, and another novel inserts a new 'diverting' character that affects the story and is instrumental in bringing Lizzy and Darcy together. That character is Darcy's dog, Reggie, in "Master Under Good Regulation." In that novel, the plot does adhere to Miss Austen's novel. I do have one modern novel inspired by "Pride and Prejudice," and that is "Drive and Determination." It has the greatest diversion, for obvious reasons. 

Here is a second definition of the word diversion: Something that distracts the mind and relaxes or entertains. I hope that in reading my stories, you are distracted from your worldly cares, you are relaxed, and I certainly hope the stories entertain you.

Noe the word 'delightful' is thrown in there, and I hope you also think my stories are delightful!

I added 'from the heart' to my tagline, and this is also very relevant to me, for two reasons. First, I love Jane Austen's novels. I love her writing, and her characters, and how she causes her main characters to have to learn some hard lessons and grow. But... there is another reason I love harts. My birthday is on Valentine's Day, so hearts have a very prominent place in my home (and in my heart!).

So as you read my novels, I hope you will find them to be a 'delightful diversion' and know that they are written from me to you 'from the heart.'