Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to my Austen Variations
Jane in January

Scavenger Hunt Post!
Winners are announced below!

About 10 years ago, when I had my very first website that hosted my stories,
I also had a page of bumper stickers that Jane Austen characters might have had
on their carriages.

I no longer have that website, and I no longer have a record of those bumper stickers,
as my computer crashed that had all those files,
but I have tried to come up with some of them  (that I can recall) and some new ones.
Some of these bumper stickers below might apply to more than one character,
but others are particular to only one. Most are from Pride and Prejudice,
but there is at least one from each of her novels.

And... two of the ones listed below are unique characters from 2 of my books. :)

See if you can guess which character
would have each of the bumper stickers below on their carriage 
(be it a barouche, chaise, curricle, phaeton, gig, or even a cart)

1) One Cannot Have Too Many Mirrors.
Sir Walter Elliot
2) Accomplished Woman on Board.
Caroline Bingley
3) Honk if You Would Rather Live in a Gothic Novel!
Catherine Morland
4) Caution! This Carriage Makes Frequent Stops at St. James.
Sir William Lucas
5) Matchmaker on Board. Available for Services.
Emma Woodhouse
6) If You are Rich, I am Single.
George Wickham
7) Wave if You Hugged Your Dog Today.
Reggie (from my book Master Under Good Regulation – and yes, I knew ahead of time Mrs. Bertram would also be a good answer!)
8) Stay Calm and Pass Me My Smelling Salts.
Mrs. Bennet
9) Aarrrgh We There Yet?
Pirate Lockerly (from my book Pirates and Prejudice)
10) I can Sketch a Character in Less than 5 Minutes!
Elizabeth Bennet
11) Always Look for the Good in People.
Jane Bennet
12) Life is too Short to Show Moderation in Your Joys and Sorrows.
Marianne Dashwood
13) You Shall Eventually Love Me! Resistance is Futile!
Henry Crawford 

14) So Many Officers - Too Little Time

and finally...
15) Fitzwilliam Darcy

Can you guess which bumper sticker belongs to which character?
And do you have any additional ones you have come up with (for any character from any novel)?


There are 2 ways to be entered into the drawing in the giveaway.
Please read through all that is required.

1) You may comment here with your answers and/or with a bumper sticker and Jane Austen character you came up with. Since this isn't a contest and just for fun, even if you cheat and look at someone else's answers, it won't affect your chances to win. Winners will be drawn randomly. Please indicate which of the giveaways you would like to receive (if you have a preference) and include a name and your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. (Do not comment anonymously.)


2) You may email me your answers and/or bumper stickers if you don't want to put your email in your comment here. Email me at Please indicate which of the giveaways you would like to receive if you have a preference.

I am offering:

1) an ebook (international) of one of my self-published books or
a paperback (US only) of any of my books.

2) Pride and Prejudice Sticky Notes
(I have 2 sets and will give one set to 2 people) (US only)

Remember, you only need to comment or email me to be entered. There is no need to guess all the answers correctly. If there are some good ideas for bumper stickers emailed to me,
I will add them to the post.

The giveaway will close on Wednesday, January11, at midnight,
and I will announce the winners (and answers) next Friday, January 13
both here and at today's post on Austen Variations.

The 3 Winners in my Jane in January Post are:
Lex won a paperback copy of Pirates and Prejudice
Darah and darcybennet each won a set of sticky notes.
I will be contacting you shortly! 

Make sure you read the comments below from those who added their own bumper stickers.

Thanks to everyone who participated!