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I live in the St. Louis area of Missouri (having moved her in 2013 from Wichita, Kansas). I am a wife, mother (of a grown, married son), and grandmother to two beautiful little girls. We have an ever changing number of cats and dogs, and now have 2 birds (a rose-breasted cockatoo and an African grey parrot). We have a home in a very woody 5 acres. I began writing in 2001 as a hobby and out of a love for Jane Austen's characters and her novel, "Pride and Prejudice." I never believed I would have 12 published novels since then. I am currently retired and really enjoy my new job of watching my granddaughters!

My husband and I both grew up in Los Angeles, so living in the Midwest is quite a change, but we love the slower pace and our home tucked away on a secluded street. I enjoy reading, writing (of course), crafts, music, and really anything creative. I enjoy playing and watching some sports, traveling, and visiting with friends.

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